$0per equipment, per month

SMS/Email Alert


$7.5per equipment, per month

SMS/Email Alert
Mobile App Access
Web App Access


$10per equipment, per month

Historical Data
Advanced Identification
Automatic Weekly Report


$12.5per equipment, per month

Multiple Sensors
Temperature + Humidity + CO2
Multiple Users

Feature Comparison

Lite Basic Standard Advanced
SMS & Email notification when sensor reading is out of range
Mobile app access
Access to current sensor data(last 24 hours)
Access to historical sensor data
Warranty included in subscription
Data retention duration (Months)
Assign equipment type, nickname to each scout
Alarm recipient specific to each scout
Access to events
Log correctuve actions online
Automatic weekly report
Importing existing data
Multiple users with different roles
Temperature + Relative humidity / Door sensor / CO2
Onsite planning, demo & setup

Additional Services

Adding New Equipment into Monitoring

Any number of freezers or other equipment can be added to your existing subscription at any time. Prorated subscription, shipping and handling charges apply.

Onsite Planning and Installation

For organizations with large amount of freezers, we also provide onsite planning and setup service to ensure optional placement of base stations and best grouping. Additional charge applies to cover our traveling cost.


Warranty for all hardware is included in annual subscription. We provide free replacement as long as your subscription is current. In certain situation, old hardware might need to be returned to us for diagnosis purpose.


Support via Email is included in subscription. If you have any question, need certain features, or need our assistance on using our website, mobile app and hardware, feel free to email us. It will be free of charge.