All Your Freezers
Monitored in the
Receive SMS and Email reminder when a threshold is breached.
Plus automatic weekly reports and online tools to log corrective actions, for easy CLIA/GMP compliance.
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Status and Physical Alarm
At Your Equipment
Our universal temperature monitoring device works in the range of -90°C to 100°C, can be attached to any type of temperature-controlled equipment like freezers, incubators, water baths, coolers, animal housing or server rooms.
Centralized Local Alarm
Displayed In Your Office Area
Check on the status of all your equipment with one quick glance. No need to pull out your phone one more time or open up another webpage.
Weekly Report +
Feature-rich Dashboard
All the tools you need in one user-friendly web app. Plus weekly reports automatically emailed to you every Tuesday morning. Regulatory compliance made never so easy.
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Connect to Your Facility
From Anywhere
A summary in real-time graphic plotting of all your equipment is always only one tap away.

As a company started by an unhappy user of existing systems, we are committed to deliver the most robust and user-friendly freezer monitoring solution for either loss prevention or CLIA/GMP compliance.

Whole Lab Monitoring

Through built-in wireless network, 1 of our system can monitor up to 20 freezers within 66ft/20m in the lab.

Battery Backup

Our system has built in backup battery and continues to work for up to 8 hours in case of power outage.

Computer Free

Our system connects to internet via Ethernet port by itself. No computer nor software needed, therefore no hassle.

Affordable Pricing

Harware: $300 ~ $500/freezer, free life time SMS/Email alert and free national wide onsite installation included.

Why Us

Because we are a technology-driven and customer-oriented team. We thrive on delivering the latest IoT technology on your demand.

We Engage

We don't try to charge you a hefty sum upfront then sit and relax. Instead we try our best to serve you in the years to come, with modest service charge each year.

We Go the extra mile

While other vendors use off-the-shelf modules to assembly their systems; we build our hardware, server clusters, and website from scratch. So we have the most flexibility to serve you.

We Listen

Be assured if your application may need some customization. We are open to all kinds of suggestions and requests, and deliver new features in a time frame of days to weeks.